PENSOLE x AirJordan II Sample

As great as they are, footwear collaborations are becoming somewhat commonplace in today's market. It almost seems like there are new projects popping up on a daily basis with every major brand. But, when's the last time you saw one that made you <insert emoji with huge eyes popping out>...?

This is an Air Jordan II Sample that was mocked up by D'Wayne Edwards and the team over at Pensole Footwear Design Academy. If you haven't heard of the Pensole, then you've probably been living under a rock. Use a quick Google search, and you'll quickly realize that the academy is a pioneering design school that drives a lot of creativity and imagination out of aspiring footwear designers from all over the world.

What was the inspiration? The initial creative driving force of many Pensole Academy students (including the founder D'Wayne Edwards himself)... A regular No. 2 pencil. Every single detail was meticulously thought out and executed to the highest standard, from the pink rubberized lace aglets (a nod to the pink eraser head), to the metallic detailing shown above (inspired by the "ferrule" of a pencil, or the metal piece that holds the eraser in place).


As of now, there are no plans of a future release. Let's hope that changes, as I would definitely love to snag a pair or two. These are currently on display at Deadstock Coffee, but only for a limited time. Stop by to check them out while you still can!