"Wet Floor" Dunk Hi SB Sample

You obviously know Ian Williams (aka E-Weezie or The Bawse), but you probably didn't know that these Dunk SB's were HIS shoes...

You see, this Dunk SB color design represented an integral part of Ian's journey. He started out at Nike World Headquarters as a janitor/custodian, and he worked his way up into becoming one of the most well known Footwear Developers around town. That isn't your usual career map, but that's what makes the story so inspiring. Hard work and determination play key roles in experiencing critical milestones in life, and Ian is living proof.

This "Wet Floor" colorway was inspired by the infamous yellow "Caution: Wet Floor" signs that most custodians use. The yellow upper is obviously reminiscent of the actual sign color, and the black/red hits were inspired by the sign text and graphics. The patent leather toe and Swoosh represented squeaky-clean floors, but this Sample pair has a regular leather panel (see the last photo for comparison).


I guess that makes these the "Floor-That-Needs-To-Be-Mopped" Dunk...