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Index 'Sneaker Social' feat. Trinidad James

:: PDX PSA ::

If you missed the Sneaker Social last week you better have been in the hospital, working, or getting married/out of town!

In PDX we have the unique blessing of being the sneaker capital. Nike, Adidas, UA, Keen, Hi-Tech and lowkey Li-Ning are all currently here (many others have come and gone). Our Buy/Sell/Trade market is way different than other places because we all for the most part have access to discounts and/or free joints as well as PEs, samples and early drops. Unfortunately this also makes many of us (corporate employees too) complacent and quite disrespectful to each other, our community and to this culture.

Now, to those who do make it out to many of these things {Sneaker Socials, ICYMI, Compound Art shows, Pensole presentations, etc} and those who were there last night THANK YOU on behalf of Index, Compound, Deadstock/GTG and Pensole. We all put in a lot of time and money to bring you guys these events and we appreciate you for coming out. We do them not for money or recognition but to uplift our community. The more we turn out the better they will be. And, we'll get more love from the greater sneaker community as a whole... The love we deserve, right?!

Love him or hate him, Trinidad James being here last week was HUGE!! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as the Index Crew did!

- eWeezie

Photos and video - Oregon Live