Frequently Asked Questions

...what is this place?!

We are a sneaker-themed coffee shop. We make coffee, and we like shoes. Our goal is to be a hub for anyone creative or who is seeking a judgement-free, barbershop feel. You never know who's going to walk through the door so you might want to be on your game. 

No shoes are sold in-store, but don't rule out the possibility for future sneaker collaborations. We're happy to point you toward a store though! 


Monday-Friday  7:30am to 4:00pm  +  Saturday  10am to 5pm. We're closed on Sundays. Always check social media for any holiday hours., i have to like shoes to come get coffee?

You can like whatever you want. Everyone is welcome!! Just don't disrespect anybody and we are all good. Sneakers are our focus though - From talk about a recent shoe release, to helping people make corporate career connections. Rare sneaker collections and art from all corners rotate in the shop monthly. Books and magazines are available while you chill. Please come in and enjoy!

...Is your coffee any good?

C'mon, man - You think this is a game? We might be constantly in joggers and a box-logo tee, but we are very serious about our craft. And as of Late March '17 we roast our own coffee bruh!! Don't trust us, peep the Yelp reviews

...ok. but WHY PORTLANd?

Believe it or not Portland is the sneaker capital of the world. adidas America, Nike and Brand Jordan WHQ, Under Armor West, Keen, Colombia and Sorel, Mizuno America and Hi-Tech all call this city home.  This also means a lot of the creative/strategic/advertising support for big corporate initiatives are nearby. Weiden + Kennedy, Instrument, Laundry Service, AKQA, R/GA, Photocraft, Overkill, Acme, Watson Creative, eRoi and Engin Creative (the last two are our neighbors!) all have main or sole locations in the Rose City. And the icing on the cake is Pensole Academy, the only footwear design school in the world is our next door neighbor.

So before we could open anywhere else, we had to show love to the people who build the hype that we all chase. 


Hmmm, it kinda depends what you like to do. There's a ton of spots to eat, things to see and do. It's up to you. But here's some of our favorites:

  • Vanndy: When I’m not at the shop, I usually try to make time to go out or catch up on my hobbies, whether it is photography, breaking, or just simply eating. My favorite places to go shoot in Portland vary. I like to walk along Broadway or Washington just to take street shots. MY favorite building to shoot at is the Standard Plaza Building, because it has a cross sectional escalator. I usually walk around downtown and take pictures as I go. But the more i shoot, I realize that I’ve been really addicted to taking portraits and candids. (Vann is also our resident photographer and over-achiever haha)
  • Guy, Reigning Customer of the Month: On my days off I like to go thrifting around the city and try to eat at one new food truck or restaurant. There's always hidden treasures in shops on Hawthorne and I feel like Portland has the best up and coming chefs on the west coast. Right now I've been following Bigwig Donuts on IG. They do a pop-up at spots once a week with new bite sized donut flavors.
  • Moose Louie: I like working at the shop because I just enjoy interacting and talking with people. I've never been able to see so many different personalities and just people watch as well ya know?
  • Young Turk: I just like to eat.
  • Weezie: I mess with Pips Doughnuts and Pastrami Zombie real heavy - great people and serious food! You could drive out to Multnomah Falls in 30 min, hike/see like 5 falls, and be back for early happy hour and a full evening of chillin in the city. If Pok Pok is packed go across the street to Whiskey Soda Lounge. You can get the same wings there (#localtip). Also, it's snowboard season!! 
  • Everybody in PDX: Voodoo is overrated. 
  • Amir, Sock Designer @ Nike: I just like going to different events and spaces to see people's interactions and with the environment. You can usually find me walking up and down NW 23rd, and the the Portland Art Museum or getting happy hour at Mediterranean Exploration Company. 

Sneaker Shops and Stuff:

  • Index Portland
    • Consignment shop, the homies.
    • 1.5 blocks from Deadstock.
  • Compound Gallery
    • Streetwear; Shirts, shoes, and ish like that. 
    • Just across the street. 
  • Upper Playground, Hello From Portland
    • Apparel and goods created primarily by local artists.
    • Across the street from Compound
  • Orox Leather
    • 4 generations of fine leather craftsman.
    • Our neighbors to the left.
  • Machus
    • High-fashion streetwear, from adidas Y3 to our local company Tabor Made
    • 542 E Burnside. PDX
  • Hyden Yoo
    • Independent streetwear brand from LA. They make the satin jacket with the tigers on the front.
    • 406 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
  • Bait
    • Streetwear shop based out of LA; Opened PDX door Oct. 2015
    • 818 SW Broadway St. PDX
  • Nike
    • Nike Store - 638 SW 5th Ave. PDX
    • Factory Outlet - 2650 SE MLK Blvd. PDX
  • Wildfang
    • Ladies-specific streetwear boutique. Started carrying unisex gear a bit ago.
    • West: 404 SW 10th Ave. PDX    East:1230 SE Grand Ave. PDX 


Naa. But we know all the homies at the shops and will send you to a shop that might have what you want. And we clean them too. Just ask.

...what is zero chill?

The perfect mix of a southern sweet tea and iced coffee. And if that's not refreshing enough for you, ask for a Lebronald Palmer.

...The owner used to be a designer, right?

Nooooo, he can't draw anything to save his life. He was a Shoe Developer which is similar to an engineer. Designers draw it, Developers figure out how to make it.

...But i still have a question.

No problem. Just hit us up!


We are not affiliated with the Portland Trailblazers or the NBA in any way. Just some serious fans.